Issue 3/Returning to NormalEdit

I became normal, like before the zombie apocalypse. I plan to check up on Doug and his son, Derek, but I bet that they're alright. I walked to my wife and son. "Patricia, can I bring Aaron with me, Lin, and Danny to check if the Wallace twins are alive." "Ok. Be safe there." We got packed up. "Matthew, keep him here. He doesn't know how to shoot a gun, or a knife." "Fine." I carried Aaron to Patricia, and went with Lin and Danny.

By the time we got there, we saw that Doug packing up. "Doug. Come with us." Doug starts to point his gun at me. "You letted Derek turn, asshole. You shot him." "I didn't kill him. It's me, Matthew Hendricks." "I'm sorry." He fires the gun, and Danny jumps for the protection of me. "Danny!!!!!!!!!!!" Lin ran to Danny, and I shot Doug in the head. "Danny's been shot in the head. He's dead." I walked to the truck. "Lin, come on. Let's go." "I'm staying, dammit. Leave me here." "Fine. Don't bother joining back with us."

I drove back to the group, and I knew that three of the women left, as I pull in the campsite. "We're leaving here. It's a bullshit place to be living here." Patricia slaps me, and drives off with Aaron. "What the fuck was that for?" "I don't know, but I heard that there's a place that we should take shelter in." "Where?" "The courthouse." "Why?" "Why not. It's safe, and secure." "Ok" We moved in the courthouse. There was a lot of dead cops in the parking lot, with gunshots on them. About thirty men comes out of the courthouse with assault rifles. "Hello, surivors. This is Dean, the leader of the Courthouse Survivors. We're to ask you all to leave or die." "Everyone, we should...." Dean shoots Walter in the head, killing him. "Choose now!!!" I pulled out my shot gun, and shot Dean in the head. "Stay the fuck dead, fuckers. You all are my bitches now, fucking whores." Andrea and Ed looked at me, laughing. The men lined up, and they gave their weapons, and thier supplies to us. "Now all of you, kill yourselves." They killed themselves. "This place is ours now, Andrea and Ed."