Flint NeighborhoodEdit

Matthew and Patricia's FamilyEdit

  • Mathew Hendricks(Dead)
  • Patricia Hendricks(Dead)
  • Aaron Hendricks(Dead)

Doug and Linda's FamilyEdit

  • Doug Chaflin(Dead)
  • Linda Chaflin(Dead)
  • Derek Chaflin(Dead)

Greene FamilyEdit

  • Sandler Greene(Unknown)
  • Wallace Greene(Unknown)

Brewer Family CampgroundEdit

  • Hailey London(Unknown)
  • Lindsey Jason(Unknown)
  • Laura Christianstone(Unknown)
  • Ed Wiseman(Dead)
  • Lin Wong(Dead)
  • Jack Lodgeman(Dead)
  • Walter Mandals(Dead)
  • Danny Brown(Dead)
  • Benjamin Sandler(Dead)
  • Eugene Landers(Dead)
  • Kyle Erikson(Dead)
  • Caleb Jordanstone(Undead)
  • Andrea Parker(Undead)

Brewer FamilyEdit

  • Archer Brewer(Dead)
  • Lange Brewer(Dead)

Dean's GroupEdit

  • Dean Johnson(Dead)

Abandoned Train SurvivorsEdit

  • Brady Jones(Unknown)
  • Johnathan Goosen(Unknown)


  • Noah Salders(Dead)
  • Melissa Fredrinks(Dead)
  • Benjamin Jorge(Dead)
  • Anthony Kleinbs(Dead)

Lopez FamilyEdit

  • Stephen Lopez(Dead)
  • Hannah Lopez(Dead)
  • Jared Lopez(Dead)

David and Lisa's FamilyEdit

  • Christian Carter(Unknown)
  • Lisa Carter(Dead)
  • David Carter(Dead)

DeVries FamilyEdit

  • Nathan DeVries(Unknown)
  • Nick DeVries(Dead)

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